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One response to “3 Questions/8/22/12-Texas Money, Texas Football, Red Raider Game-Day Rituals”

  1. RP

    Sorry I’m late! I have a note. I don’t feel tardy.

    1. $1 Would probably be LBJ. He did a lot for the state and was a ruthless SOB. And it’s only a sawbuck. Doesn’t get the respect it deserves, and everybody has ‘em. $5 would be Sam Houston. Enough said. $10 Stephen F. Austin. Had a good bit to do with making the Great State. And hoodwinked the Mexicans. $20 Tom Landry. Probably others deserve it more, but he was/is an icon and this is a football crazy Great State. $50 Davy Crocket. Not actually a Texan, but we’ll give him a pass.
    2. In college you can get away with 2 QB’s–for a while. Even Steve Superior couldn’t win with 2 QB’s. And he tried like hell. TU will either have to settle on one, or the season will go down in flames because neither was good enough to separate from the other. And I think because of the poor qb play, TU is over rated this year. And while every player on the entire roster is a 47 star blue chip and ready for the NFL, they haven’t really accomplished anything yet.
    3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Alumni Pavilion!! I always reserve a table, go across the street to the bubble to put some grub down my throat, then back to the Pavilion. I try to get there about 3 hours before the game. May walk to some buddies tailgating, depending on the game and crowd. But the Pavilion rocks!

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