Hyatt is a husband and a father, a guitar player, a fly-fisherman and a bad golfer. Raised in West Texas and a Texas Tech graduate, he's proud of his diploma; he's just not sure where it is. After 20-years in radio, television, and print Hyatt now finds himself on the internet. He reckons that is a good thing.

3 responses to “5 Things We Know On A Friday: Judge Tom Head Edition”

  1. Danny Hendrie

    I may be on vacation in the Rocky Mountains, but that’s no excuse to miss out on the 5 Things. Today’s edition was no let down. Spot on, sir, spot on.
    People can think Tom Head is a kook all they want. To them I say, if you don’t like how “embarrassing” his comments were, and how he apparently brought “shame” to Lubbock…move to San Francisco…then come back and talk to me about kooks and, embarassment brought on by elected officials.
    As for bagels and cones….careful what you wish for, Mr. Hyatt

  2. Shari Lusk

    Mr. Hyatt:

    Well stated!!! I have no doubt that there will be some civil unrest and rebellion in November no matter which way the election goes, maybe not so much here in Lubbock, but almost assuredly in large metropolitan areas. There has been encouragement of racial strife, class warfare, and lies, lies, lies that many have believed. But whatever happens, it is disgraceful and an abuse of his office for the judge to use this as an excuse to raise taxes.Why not just come out with the truth and state that you want more of our money to spend because we’re not already taxed enough???

    Give me a break!!!

  3. Danny Hendrie

    Ummmm….don’t ask me about BAGELS and cones. I can only discuss BARRELS and cones with any amount of knowledge. And with BARRELS and cones in mind….like I said…careful what you wish for.

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