Hyatt is a husband and a father, a guitar player, a fly-fisherman and a bad golfer. Raised in West Texas and a Texas Tech graduate, he's proud of his diploma; he's just not sure where it is. After 20-years in radio, television, and print Hyatt now finds himself on the internet. He reckons that is a good thing.

One response to “5 Things We Know On A Friday: Texas Tech Football Edition”

  1. Tommy Young

    I would have to say Texas Tech is a have not. We align ourselves with conferences that are chock full of haves and always haves. Even when Ou, Texas, Texas A&M, Nebraska, (Yes I know the latter two are no lnger with us) had horrible seasons they still were the center of attention. That is one of the hallmarks of being a have. You HAVVE, tons of attention , warranted or not. THis has been the case my entore life. There are several reasons for this. The only one that Texas Tech couold ever really do anything about is on-the-filed performance. The Red Riadders have pushed themselves to the doorstep of becoming legitamate sevreal times over the past 40 years. The 73 Gator Bowl team Under Carlen; 76 Bluebonnet Bowl team that made it all the way to number 5 in the polls; The over achiving teams of the late 80′s; The overachieving temas of the mid 90′s; the overachieving teams of the mid 2000′s. The Amazing team of 2008. But they all come up short because they couldn’t string things together. W ehave never put together back-to-back years where we beat the top 2-3 programs in our conference. To be a have, you HAVE to obtain high levels of success for a number of years in a row. Then even when in reality you are a have not, people treat you like a have adn then eventually you become a have agani.
    Make sense? If so you probably need to consult a mental helath professional.

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