Hyatt is a husband and a father, a guitar player, a fly-fisherman and a bad golfer. Raised in West Texas and a Texas Tech graduate, he's proud of his diploma; he's just not sure where it is. After 20-years in radio, television, and print Hyatt now finds himself on the internet. He reckons that is a good thing.

3 responses to “Williams and Hyatt Show’s 3 Questions: 8/20/12”

  1. RP

    1. A good year is defined by each team, but obviously a winning record and a bowl game are minimum qualifications. Then what were your preseason expectations? For a top 5 team, a lesser bowl is not a ‘good year.’ But, 6-6 for Kansas would be phenominal. For Tech, a good 2012 will be at least 8 wins and a decent bowl game win. 6 or 7 wins will be an improvement, but not necessarily a ‘good’ year.
    2. The conference should not make any rules about where any teams play. That should be left up to each team.
    3. the weirdest thing in my fridge, is beer. Why beer? Because i didn’t drink it this weekend!!

  2. jdsmick

    1) merely making a bowl is not a successful season – too many bowls. Making one of the top 10 bowls would be good indicator. Exceeding expectations is a good season.

    2) I have no problem with neutral site conference games as long as they are not on LHN.

    3) leftovers that should have been thrown out a month ago.

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