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The Battle for Texas

The Battle for Texas

Chad Hasty shares his thoughts on how Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Debra Medina performed in last nights debate.

Obama Bumps Charlie Brown

Obama Bumps Charlie Brown

The President bumps a TV tradition to talk about something we already know about…

If Stoops leaves OU, who do the Sooners call?

Could Oklahoma really hire Mark Mangino to replace Bob Stoops? Really?

Early NFL Talk Overanalyzes

Week-to-week NFL players are prematurely crowned, teams are overhyped, and the story lines change every week. It never stops. Why must we draw so many conclusions at this point in the season?

The AJ Thinks You’re Stupid, Wants Your Money

The AJ might think you are un-educated, but Chad thinks it’s someone else who needs an education.

A Plus-One System Will Solve BCS Woes

Landry Locker explains the Plus-One idea and why NCAA football playoff proponents are wrong.

Lubbock Wine Festival, A Good Idea

Chad reviews the Lubbock Wine Festival that happened over the weekend.

Lubbock Voted With Heads, Not Hearts

Chad Hasty thinks the voters voted with their heads, but what is the City of Lubbock up to?

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