Landry Locker

If Stoops leaves OU, who do the Sooners call?

Could Oklahoma really hire Mark Mangino to replace Bob Stoops? Really?

Early NFL Talk Overanalyzes

Week-to-week NFL players are prematurely crowned, teams are overhyped, and the story lines change every week. It never stops. Why must we draw so many conclusions at this point in the season?

A Plus-One System Will Solve BCS Woes

Landry Locker explains the Plus-One idea and why NCAA football playoff proponents are wrong.

Not Everyone is Laughing with the Pirate of the Plains

Everyone has a friend that likes to tell jokes but never knows when to stop. At first, you may feel the need to give him a courtesy laugh, but by the end of the night he becomes so annoying that you want to backhand him in the face. Landry Locker is feeling analogous…

NCAA Football Playoffs: Bad Idea

Utah senator Orrin Hatch has continued his whining calling for President Barack Obama to investigate the current BCS system. Landry Locker expresses his displeasure. . .

Aggie fans lose lofty expectations, justify mediocrity

The Aggie faithful accepted a moral victory and were encouraged after a five point loss in College Station to an Oklahoma State team without its two best players on offense, but all optimism was wiped-out after Saturday’s loss to Kansas State.

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