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This time next week the Texas Tech Red Raiders will have one game in the books for 2012. Hope for Change will have gone from chalk-board to football field and we’ll have our first concrete look at what this years squad may actually have in store for the fans. So, with that in mind, it is high-time for you to make some solid predictions for 2012.

1.  What do you think will be considered the “biggest win” of the season by Texas Tech this year? Will it be based on how high a team is ranked at the time of Tech’s win or will you determine it by how that team does the rest of the year? Or, do you just want to say Texas because it’s a helluva lot of fun to beat them?

2.  Which game do you think will go down as Tech’s “worst loss” of the season? Will it be because of a total thrashing and demolition on the scoreboard or will it be because it comes to a team Tech should beat and will be seen as a win that “got away”. Tech’s seemingly had a glaring game like that every year since about 2005.

3.  Finally, what will Texas Tech’s final season record be and what do you think they’ll do in a bowl game? Get creative, have fun and remember…this is the most important thing in the world! ( not really )


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5 Things We Know On A Friday: Judge Tom Head Edition http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/5-things-we-know-on-a-friday-judge-tom-head-edition/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/5-things-we-know-on-a-friday-judge-tom-head-edition/#comments Fri, 24 Aug 2012 04:03:40 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7926 Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

1.  Remind me again why I am supposed to be embarrassed to be from Lubbock, Texas just because Judge Tom Head said some things that made lots of folks laugh, some get mad and others say he’s dead-on target? While I wouldn’t have said it, I certainly don’t think he crossed any lines of Free Speech or otherwise. He put his name on it and he owned it. Personally I’m more peeved that a so-called conservative is looking for silly reasons to raiser taxes. That’s the real story to me.

That said, I’m no more embarrassed to be from Lubbock today then I was a decade or so again when the Dixie Chicks went on foreign soil and ripped President Bush and talked about how embarrassed they were to be from Texas. That was their deal, not mine. Same with Tom Head. His comments no more reflect me, who I am and what I believe than anything else anyone around here says.

The namby-pamby folks running around here wringing their hands about this need to turn in their West Texan cards and head on over to the metroplex or some other place more suited to their hen-house ways. . .

2.  Which brings us to Kenny Ketner, the Lubbock Democrat Party and their denizens holding a presser today demanding Judge Tom Head resign because he “embarrassed Lubbock, Texas nationally”.


If Head needs to quit because of his comments, what should Ketner, the human debris known as Occupy Lubbock  and the other folks that Ketner “leads” do? Since none of them seem to contribute anything to the common good here in Lubbock, I’m not sure how they “resign” from doing nothing. I’m thinking that if they truly desire to improve Lubbock, Texas they should “resign” from living here, relieve themselves of the “embarrassment” of having to be from here and find a more suitable locale. I understand Caracas is nice this time of year . . .

3. And then there’s County Commissioner Gilbert Flores. Never one to miss a chance to play the “race card” from the bottom of the deck, he’s decided to become the Spokesman for Lubbock Outside The 289 to let everyone out there know that the only reason we disagree with any of President Barack Obama’s policies is because of his skin color. How cosmopolitan of Flores.  Again, folks in Lubbock should be much more incensed at the sophomoric smear-job Flores levels at them than anything they hear being said about Tom Head. I guess folks are just used to Flores making those statements, much like Vice President Joe Biden is just “Being Joe” when he goes off the reservation. . . Sad.

4.  Hold on, the “national media” is making fun of West Texas? I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya. I suppose I’ll just have to be content “clinging to my guns and religion” and somehow survive this dark episode in our collective history here on the Llano Estacado.

5.  The only way I think I’d support Judge Head’s call for a tax increase in the county is if he’d promise it would go to hire not more law enforcement, but rather to buy more traffic cones and barrels . There are days I actually go down roads that have no cones or barrels on them for stretches as long as half-a-mile or more! This must stop. Til there is a barrel on every road, and intersection under construction and a new “needed” light or 4-way stop on every road, we must not weary and we must not tire! We must progress!


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3 Questions-8/23/12-What Are We Gonna Call This Thing…. http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/3-questions-82312-what-are-we-gonna-call-this-thing/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/3-questions-82312-what-are-we-gonna-call-this-thing/#comments Thu, 23 Aug 2012 02:37:05 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7916  

Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

1.  Who is the best RB you’ve ever seen play at Jones Stadium?

2.  If you’re of a certain age, where does “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” rank as a movie for you? Top 10? One of the best of your era? You tell me. As for me, quotable, one of my first “car date movies” and it had Mia Sara. Tell me again what’s not to like????

3.  Speaking of the 80′s, give me your favorite MTV video of all-time. Remember, it’s Thursday and that mean’s Cultural Index Day on the show. You never know, some of your comments might make the air. As for me, Duran Duran’s “Girls On Film” wasn’t bad… NSFW sorry.



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3 Questions/8/22/12-Texas Money, Texas Football, Red Raider Game-Day Rituals http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/3-questions82212-texas-money-texas-football-red-raider-game-day-rituals/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/3-questions82212-texas-money-texas-football-red-raider-game-day-rituals/#comments Wed, 22 Aug 2012 03:20:23 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7904 Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

We’ve made it to Wednesday. That alone should be reason to celebrate. Now, let’s get on to our 3 Questions for today.

1.  If we had our own money here in Texas, who would you put on the 1$ bill, 5$ bill and the 10$ bill? I’m thinking we limit it to the non-living, but you can take it where you want to.

2. Right now Texas is going to rotate QBs. Do you believe in the old adage that if “you have 2 QBs, you don’t have a QB”? I do.

3.  How early do you get to campus on Game Day for Red Raider Football? Do you tail-gate? Do you hit a favorite bar or restaurant in town? What’s your Game Day ritual for Tech Football?


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3 Questions For 8/21/12-Rangers and Red Raiders http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/3-questions-for-82112-rangers-and-red-raiders/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/3-questions-for-82112-rangers-and-red-raiders/#comments Tue, 21 Aug 2012 02:15:22 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7894 Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were. . .

1. Don Williams is convinced I don’t like Texas Rangers’ DH/1B/2B/3B/SS/ and more Michael Young. I do. I respect what he’s done. He’ll most likely get a Hall of Fame invite in the future. What I don’t like is watching Captain Crazy bat him 5th in the order with no power and horrible OWAR numbers. On Monday I bet Don free Dr. Pepper for a week that Young won’t hit .275 or better for the rest of the season. What do you think? Does Young put together a decent September or not? Up or down, who ya with? Me or Don?

2.  If Texas Tech played a football game today, who would your top four WR’s be?

3.  My kid just lost his first 2 big-boy teeth? What’s the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days? Would it be wrong if I gave him a voucher for Free Rides To School this fall?

As always, your comments are valued and appreciated.


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Williams and Hyatt Show’s 3 Questions: 8/20/12 http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/williams-and-hyatt-shows-3-questions-82012/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/williams-and-hyatt-shows-3-questions-82012/#comments Mon, 20 Aug 2012 01:30:41 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7874 Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

Start of a new week and it is time to see what we can make of preseason workouts, not just for the Red Raiders but also some of the other Big 12 teams out there toiling in the heat and dodging the skeeters and whatnot. Today we’ll check in with West Virginia and visit with Chris Anderson from EerSports.com and see how Dana Holgerson’s bunch is coming along. We’ve enjoyed having Chris on the show before and think today will be a lot of fun!

This is also a big week for Texas Tech Soccer, already 2-0 as well as Don Flora’s ( who looks a helluva lot like Phil Mickelson ) volleyball squad as they go to Boston for a tournament. They’ll be at Fenway Park Tuesday night. I’m trying not to hold that against them. Never been there. Not a Red Sox fan, but a fan of old ballparks for sure.

Today we’ll leave you with Three Questions On A Monday. We’re gonna try and do this each day during football season, so we’ll need y’alls help to make it go. Get your comments in and make ‘em good. Folks are paying attention now.

1.  Big picture-wise, what do you consider a good year for a college football team? Is it bowl game, winning record, meeting or exceeding expectations…you tell us.

2.  Should the Big 12 pass a rule that requires all conference games to be home-and-home? No neutral site games. That’s right, OU and Texas would have to travel to Norman and Austin, just like everyone else. Of course that historic Baylor-Texas Tech game in Arlington would die…

3.  What is the strangest thing in your refrigerator right now? ( Ya, why not? We’re asking the questions here… )

Ok, y’all have some fun with this and let’s see where it goes.

Happy Monday!




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5 Things We Know On A Friday: Texas Tech Football Edition http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/5-things-we-know-on-a-friday-texas-tech-football-edition/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/5-things-we-know-on-a-friday-texas-tech-football-edition/#comments Fri, 17 Aug 2012 02:27:56 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7870 Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

1.  I was a year early last season, but I’ll make the pick again. Jace Amaro will be the biggest match-up problem for Big 12 defenses this year ( if he can get more consistent with his hands ). He isn’t Gronkowski or Graham yet, but he could be the college version of the guy you can’t cover very soon. Hype? Hell yes. Does he have the talent? You bet. Stay tuned.

2.  That Texas Tech Media Relations Director Blayne Beal said today to Don Williams that Tommy Tuberville has relented to the will of the people and shelved the white helmets from the last two years is a BIG DEAL. Seriously. Great programs don’t need gimmicks. Texas Tech doesn’t need gimmicks when it comes to uniforms and helmets. The school has a great identity with the black helmets and scarlet jerseys. It is a common thread running through 50 years plus of Red Raider lore. Now, if we can lose the 3-d Double T, life will be good. I’m not anti-progress, it is just the 3-d doesn’t look good on the helmet. Can’t see it well from stand or on TV. The old one is better. Go back to it.

3. Some Texas Tech fans really can’t handle the truth. They want to hear that the talent is all 5-star, that there’s no reason they can’t win the Big 12 title this year and that this program is just as good as the best in the Big 12. They get mad if any coaches or dumb media types say anything to the contrary, talking the program down. They are also some of the first fans that mocked Tommy Tuberville for saying he was coming to Texas Tech to play for championships. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. Reality and Hope intersect all the time. That’s where the great ones find a way to move forward, and the average ones find a way to regress. We’ll see how Texas Tech does at that intersection this season…

4.  If Texas Tech can block 2 FG’s this year and not get any blocked on their end I’ll be a very happy man.

5.  We asked the question today on the show if Texas Tech was a “Have” or a “Have-Not” program. We hear all the time about the Haves and the Have-Nots. So, which one is it? How do you define Texas Tech’s place in the college football world? I look forward to your responses and we’ll read the best ones on the show Friday.

Y’all have a great day and weekend and please be safe out there. Far too many wrecks and whatnot we’ve had to report on the last few days. Breaks my heart!


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The Texas Rangers and Capt. Crazy-Do They Win Because Of Or In Spite Of Ron Washington? http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/the-texas-rangers-and-capt-crazy-do-they-win-because-of-or-in-spite-of-ron-washington/ http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/2012/08/the-texas-rangers-and-capt-crazy-do-they-win-because-of-or-in-spite-of-ron-washington/#comments Sun, 12 Aug 2012 14:09:26 +0000 Ryan Hyatt http://www.thewilliamsandhyattshow.com/?p=7838 Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

I go crazy trying to understand some of the moves Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington makes and doesn’t make. He is at once both the perfect manager for the Rangers and the one guy that can seemingly take all of his talented line-up out of a game by odd decisions, gut-hunches and out-right mismanagement of resources. Oh. And he wins like a madman doing it.

So, question today after last night’s,”let’s give Robbie Ross some confidence in a tie game in the ninth and have him throw one more pitch before putting Mike Adams in a bad position” Moment; do the Rangers win because of Washington or in spite of Ron?

You can say both if you want to. You can argue like I do that he’s so good in the clubhouse and relates to the players so well it overcomes any tactical short-comings. Or, you can just say he drives you nuts and you don’t understand a thing he does.

What do you say?


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